The SWIMSOIL Solution

Upon completion of pool excavation, the pool floor is treated with the SWIMSOIL solution. Pool treatment is typically at a depth at 6′ – 10′ below the excavated surface. Penetrations are completed on a 3′ grid throughout the floor of the pool. This is typically performed immediately after excavation prior to plumbing and steel. It can be completed post steel and plumb. It is essential for the treatment to be completed prior to gunite.

The side walls are typically completed when the deck is completed. The deck treatment will normally occur prior to deck pour or paver installation. Treatment of all deck areas contiguous with pool is the most ideal treatment method. If deck areas are not scheduled to be treated, SWIMSOIL should be scheduled anytime after gunite and pre deck installation to treat the pool perimeter walls.

It is possible for treatment to be provided for existing pool/deck structures that are experiencing movement. This process involves drilling 3/4″ holes through the pool shell and/or pool deck to treat the underlying soil.